When you don’t have your own shipping and receiving department:



Are you getting the best rates? Will your packages arrive on time? Do the carriers owe you refunds?
Are your customers happy?


Whether you ship one package a month, or one hundred packages a day, Shipify eliminates the guesswork and makes shipping easy for everyone.

Easy Shipping for Everyone

 Shipify for Business 
Make shipping your competitive advantage

  • Save time processing shipments
  • One interface for multiple shippers
  • On-time deliveries to customers
  • Monitor shipments for exceptions
  • Report and analyze shipping trends
  • Easily identify, get refunds
  • Manage Customs process



 Shipify for Individuals 
Easy shipping for everyone

  • Find the lowest price
  • Ship without an account
  • Easy to print labels
  • Ship, manage, track on mobile


Shipify Features

Shipify provides AI-based shipping automation that saves you time and money. Make shipping your competitive advantage.

SHIP Domestic and international shipper selection, label creation
PICKUP Schedule pickup, identify nearest drop off location
TRACK Real-time tracking, notifications, and alerts
REPORT View and analyze all shipping data in one place
AUDIT Identify incorrect charges; request and verify refunds
CUSTOMS Create and submit international Customs documentation



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