Shipping Simplified

Shipping is hard

That's why we created Shipify to provide businesses with the tools and expertise to make shipping your competitive advantage. Whether you ship one package a month, or one hundred packages a day, Shipify eliminates the guesswork and makes shipping easy for everyone.

We specialize in reducing costs, improving predictability, and reducing the complexity of domestic and global shipping programs:

Contract Negotiations

Our team has over 18 years of experience negotiating small parcel contracts with FedEx, UPS, and DHL. We can help identify key shipping cost drivers for your business. Then we will provide your carrier sales representatives with information that they can take back to their corporate pricing team in a decision ready format.

Package Optimization

Box size, weight, and packing materials can have a big impact on labor, shipping costs and breakage. We can help design a packaging that reduces the overall cost of shipping your products.

Carrier Selection

Not all carriers are created equal. We can streamline your warehouse shipping process and ensure the most cost effective shipping label is used for each shipment while taking into account on-time delivery, breakage, and landed cost based on historical data.

Customs Automation

Predictability is key when it comes to international shipments. Our team of experienced customs processing experts has worked with 1000's of commodities in over 150 different countries. Build off our experience to create a customs clearance process that with predictable costs and clearance times.

Transit Insurance

Breakage is inevitable in shipping. We can help your team build a process that simplifies and streamlines your workflow for filing claims and identifying fraud. We can help you find the right insurance provider or teach you how to work effectively with the value protection provided by UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Customer Returns / Reverse Logistics

Shipify can help you optimize your reverse logistics with the latest return technology and processes that reduce complexity and costs. Customer returns are not going away but we can help you convert returns into new purchases and lifelone customers.